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OpenHIE Values and Digital Principles

Back in March 2016, the OpenHIE community of practice officially endorsed The Principles for Digital Development, an initiative to take […]

The ReMIND Project: Reducing Maternal and Newborn Deaths

This case study illustrates how CRS and its partners have been implementing the Principles for Digital Development since 2011 in […]

The Principles for Digital Development: Applying both “Design with the User” and “Design for Scale”

The Principles for Digital Development, which Reboot is proud to endorse, are not static “lessons learned.” They should be living […]

mHero and the Principles for Digital Development: Development Done Right

IntraHealth International and UNICEF launched the mHero platform in late 2014 in the midst of the Ebola outbreak in West […]

ORB by mPowering: Open Source, Open Content Case Study

The mPowering Frontline Health Workers open source content platform, ORB, is an innovative and unique way to connect trainers and […]

A Design Journey for Maternal and Child Health Case Study

Designing with end users as participants is not a ‘once and done’ task, but an ongoing opportunity with each design […]

International Quality Short Messaging System: Using SMS Reporting to Improve HIV Services Case Study

Using mobile technology to improve distribution and availability of HIV commodities in remote health facilities in Tanzania. How Solution Meets […]

A Digital “Yellow Book” of Medical Facilities in Tanzania Case Study

How do you keep a list of medical facilities and services current and available to a population of over 49 […]

Power to the User: A User-Friendly Development of Information Systems to Support Decision-Making at the Local Level Case Study

An information system to support all stakeholders needs, from central to local level. Based on user needs, it brings all […]

Automating the Accreditation of Medical Professional Schools In Haiti Case Study

By formalizing the accreditation process of nursing and medical schools, the “Institutions de Sciences Infirmières et Médicales (ISIM)” website helps […]

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