Principles for Design & Development


Be Collaborative Guides

Independent Research Forum This paper examines the potential—both opportunities and risks—for enhancing the role and effectiveness of multi-stakeholder partnerships (MSPs) […]

Address Privacy and Security Guides

Are you on-board with the concept of Principle 8, but aren’t sure how to begin incorporating it into your work? Check out […]

Principles Community Insights

Since June 2014, members of the international development community have convened to hold detailed discussions about each of the nine Principles. […]

Be Data Driven Guides

World Economic Forum/Vital Wave Big Data Big Impact: New Possibilities for International Development A flood of data is created every […]

Build for Sustainability Guides

Catholic Relief Services (CRS)/NetHope Organizational Guide for ICT4D This guide gives practical guidance to building organizational capacity in ICT4D. Drawing […]

Design for Scale Guides

PATH The Journey to Scale: Moving Together Past Digital Health Pilots This paper describes a journey toward successful scale in […]

Understand the Existing Ecosystem Guides

USAID Local Systems: A Framework for Supporting Sustained Development This Framework describes USAID’s overarching approach to transforming innovations and reforms into […]

Digital Principles