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Click here for a list of organizations that have endorsed the Principles for Digital Development.

Endorsement means that an organization, at the highest levels, agrees to seek to put the Principles into practice through its policies, processes, and activities. Endorsement is a three-step process that requires: (1) written authorization to include the organization’s name and logo as an endorsing organization, (2) organizational participation in the Principles for Digital Development Working Group, and (3) an annual self-assessment, the results of which endorsing organizations self-publish on their own website or blog.

Endorsing organizations are expected to share senior-level signature on the following statement:

“As an endorser of the Principles for Digital Development, we will seek to embody the concepts the Principles represent in our ethos, our work culture, and in the policies and processes guiding our international development activities.”

About the Principles for Digital Development Self-Assessment Process

The Principles for Digital Development are designed to encourage the institutionalization of existing best practice. The Principles do not solve all open challenges to the fair, effective, sustainable, and secure use of technology in development projects, however. Neither do they answer difficult questions that arise from tensions between individual Principles, such as how to balance the move toward open data with growing privacy and security concerns.

For the first two years, the self-assessment process will focus on gathering contributions of case studies that can help to further clarify these challenges and tensions while also adding to a growing repository of best practice case studies. Endorsing organizations are asked to, within the first year of endorsement, provide two brief case studies exploring their experience in institutionalizing the Principles. The first case study should focus on a successful example of integration of one or more Principles into an endorsing organization’s projects, programs, policies, or practices. It should include an explanation of what changed as a result of successfully integrating the Principles. The second case study should focus on an example of one or more challenges or barriers an endorsing organization experienced in attempting to integrate the Principles. These challenges can relate to any combination of internal, external, ecosystem and/or other factors.

Case studies should be self-published to an organization’s website or blog, tweeted using the #DigitalPrinciples hashtag, and submitted as attachments via email to

Like the Principles themselves, the self-assessment process is designed to evolve over time in consultation with endorsing organizations.

For more information on endorsement, please email

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