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  • May 08, 2018

    ICT4D2018: Questions on collaboration & openness big discussion

    Events & Resources
    Hi folks! I know many of you are attending the ICT4D Conference this week in Lusaka. Later today, there will be a “Big Discussion” on Collaboration and Openness:…
  • June 19, 2018

    Top 10 Principles for Workers' Data Privacy and Protection

    Principles Talk
    Hey All, I found this great piece of work by UNI Global Union that is a great reference point when working with digital rights in the context of…
  • June 05, 2018

    ICT for Extractive Industries

    Questions & Problem Solving
    Hi, Am here to pay you attention on issues regarding to the use of ICT in increasing transparency in war-torn regions extractive industries. I am President of CongoInThePicture…
  • June 02, 2018


    Principles Talk
    Can you please contact me in Spanish? Pueden comunicarse conmigo en español? Recomendarme un forum sobre este tema “Desarrollo Digital”.
  • May 29, 2018

    Resources: New installment of HDIF's Principles into Practice series

    Events & Resources
    The Human Development Innovation Fund (HDIF) is a UKAID innovation fund managed by a Palladium Group‐led consortium in Tanzania. It aims to identify and support innovative and market‐driven…
  • October 05, 2017

    Introductions thread: What makes you tick?

    Welcome. Some of us know each other. Others, not. Introduce yourself! Specifically: Where in the world are you? What stage of your career are you at? What are…

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February 2, 2018

Register Now: Practicing the Principles for Digital Development in Jakarta, Indonesia

The Principles for Digital Development are the distilled knowledge of hundreds of professionals and thousands of projects into nine best practice guidelines to improve the use of technology in development. The Digital Principles are currently endorsed by 88 organizations, including USAID, UNICEF, NDI, Grameen Foundation, IntraHealth International, SIDA, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation,…
January 29, 2018

We Don’t Need to Reinvent the Wheel, But it’s Time to Invest in Roads and Highways

By: Dr. Alain Labrique Here’s the good news: Over the past 10 years the digital health community has begun to heal from a severe case of pilotitis. As a community of innovators and health systems researchers, we increasingly recognize that creating and testing new digital health tools in the absence of…
October 20, 2017

Digital Impact Alliance Announces Formation of New Open Source Center and First Round of Catalytic Funding for ICT4D Projects

The Center, with support from key partners, will provide resources to help high-impact software for social good reach greater adoption   Today, the Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) announced the formation of its new Open Source Center (OSC), and two partners – Digital Square and Software Freedom Conservancy – who will…
October 13, 2017

Development Gateway Press Release: Endorsing the Principals for Digital Development

We are pleased to announce our endorsement of the Principles for Digital Development. The Principles, of which Digital Impact Alliance is the steward, seek to institutionalize lessons learned in the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICTs) in development projects. They allow practitioners to to integrate best practices into their…
February 9, 2017

Taking Pragmatic Steps to Advance National ID Efforts for Development

While the world watched one inauguration on January 20th, over 5,000 miles away, another incoming President, Nana Akufo-Addo, delivered his address at his inauguration in Ghana a few days earlier. One of the key promises that President Akufo-Addo has made is to reform the current national identification system started under his predecessor…
December 20, 2016

Digital Health: Moving from Silos to Systems

From health officers conducting contact tracing with mobile phones in Ebola-affected countries to TB patients using apps to fulfill their treatment regimen, digital technology is playing an increasingly central role in global health. In fact, over the past decade, the use of mobile and web-based technologies to improve health has…

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February 20, 2018

Practicing the Principles for Digital Development in Jakarta, Indonesia

The Hermitage 9:00am – 1:00pm FREE — Networking Lunch to follow (1:00pm – 2:00pm) RSVP required for attendance The Principles for Digital Development are the distilled knowledge of hundreds of professionals and thousands of projects into nine best practice guidelines to improve the use of technology in development. The Digital Principles are…
December 4, 2017

The Evolving Digital Health Landscape: Progress, Achievements and Remaining Frontiers

The theme for this year’s Forum—The Evolving Digital Health Landscape: Progress, Achievements, and Remaining Frontiers—captures the spirit of progress made in the past several years to scale digital health systems and also encourages us to look critically at the continued need for innovation, as well as integration, to improve health…
November 2, 2017

ICT4D Meet Up

IMPORTANT: we are currently in the process of revamping the ICT4D-Boston meet up group.  Our plan is to make it more informative and improve the way members can learn about and collaborate with one another. ICT4D Meet Up Thursday, Nov 2, 2017, 7:00 PM No location yet. 1 Members Went…