Collaborate to Innovate: Stick to the Principles of Digital Development

By Jamie Findlater, TechCamp

What if all the major players in the tech for social good space got together and created a road map that you could use when designing and implementing your ideas from TechCamp? Take a Look – The Principles for Digital Development– is a great common sense guide for TechCamp participants past and future.

For those who have yet to participate in TechCamp – the main goal is for the users of the tools who work closely with the challenges on the ground to play an intimate role in shaping the solution. Check out principle #1, which is the main idea behind Techcamp – “Design with the User.” There’s no argument that getting the right people in the room that truly understand the challenge and how technology could assist is essential. Pinpointing the exact part of the challenge by users is the easiest way to increase efficiency. It’s not the tech person guru that understands the application, but more typically the more technologically skeptical or those who lack exposure to new tools that might in the end have the deepest knowledge of how a solution or strategy should be designed.

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Claudine Lim

Manager at The Principles for Digital Development

Claudine first joined the Digital Impact Alliance in October 2017, shortly after receiving a dual masters in international relations and public relations from the Maxwell School and S.I. Newhouse School at Syracuse University. After working as a Program Coordinator and Researcher for DIAL’s Business Operations, she is currently working with the Principles of Digital Development.