Digital Impact Alliance Hosts Guatemala Event to Round Out Three-Part Global Series Focused on Principles for Digital Development

As stewards of the Principles for Digital Development (Digital Principles), the Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) hosted an event last week in Guatemala City, Guatemala, focused on the Digital Principles. Development practitioners heard from policymakers, private sector leaders and technologists on best practices in data-driven decision making, open standards and on privacy and security.

This event was the third in a three-part global series focused on the Principles for Digital Development. The previous two events took place in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania and Jakarta, Indonesia, with each event focusing on three of the nine Principles. In Guatemala, the focus was on the following Principles: “Be Data Driven”, “Use Open Standard/Source/Data/Innovation”, and “Address Privacy and Security”. The event included educational keynotes from policymakers and private sector leaders as well as lightning talks and panel sessions with tech-enabled organizations.

“I do believe that we have a great opportunity to create impact in our countries with technology,” said Erick Sosa, Cloud Manager at Microsoft in Central Latin America. “In fact, I’m a strong believer that is the way that Guatemala will progress in this new world.” Sosa spoke on the “Address Privacy and Security” panel, where he shared Microsoft’s strategies for ensuring that end-users’ information is protected

Following the morning’s formal agenda, attendees had the opportunity to participate in two workshops. Demystifying Open Source wasled by Hillary Eason of Chemonics who shared more about what using “Open Source, Standards, Data, and Innovation” actually means and how it can help increase collaboration and the impact of digital development efforts. Attendees were also able to engage in interactive exercises from the Digital Principles’ 101 Training Toolkit to better understand how to put the Principles into practice.

Funsepa, a Guatemalan non-profit dedicated to contributing to the development of Guatemala and improving education through technology, and RTI International shared their “Technology in Education” project which provided participants with the opportunity to understand how to strengthen their organization’s use of specific Principles.

Local and regional organizations also attended the event, including Wuqu Kawoq, a non-profit devoted to healthcare for Mayan communities in Guatemala, and Sula Batsu, a social economy company that strengthens local development. Each shared case studies on how their organizations are putting the Digital Principles into practice, and gaining efficiencies that are inspiring new, innovative approaches to implementing development projects. During the presentation, Rocío Jimenez Calderón from Sula Batsua explained why they are invested in the Principle “Address Privacy and Security” when she said, “Every person who creates technology has an obligation to respect the human rights of privacy.”

For more information on the event, visit the event page.