How to update the Principles of Digital Development for the next decade?

The Principles for Digital Development turn 10 years old next year, offering a great opportunity to reflect on their legacy and consider light updates to the Principles that can have outsized impact. We want to ensure they continue to underpin principled digital development for another decade.

The Principles first drafted in 2014, are now a common framework endorsed by over 315 organizations, including governments, funders, implementers, and academia. Numerous development cooperation agencies reference the Principles in their procurements, program design, and staff development. The Principles are now a common frame of reference across the development sector.

Digital technologies and implementation innovations advance every day, offering new opportunities to accelerate equitable development and representing real risks to our shared vision of a digital future centered on the rights and aspirations of all people.

All of us – digital development policymakers and practitioners – have the responsibility to update the Principles of Digital Development to harness these opportunities and reduce risks.

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In each event, we’ll seek answers to questions like:

Why did we need Digital Principles and are they still relevant today?

What’s the program and industry level impact and how do we measure it?

Who is leading Principles-driven implementation and what are they learning?

Where are there opportunities to improve their relevance and usage?

How could we change the Principles and would that help or hurt adoption?