Principles for Digital Development SDG Framework

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This guide is intended to serve as a resource manual to non-technical specialists tasked with overseeing and funding digital development programs. Building on existing Digital Principles and donor organization resources, this manual provides a basic overview of effective use of technology in development programs, including good practices in investment at the local level.

The Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) has taken this approach to contribute to the body of knowledge, but not to attempt representing the field in entirety. The case studies selected for a deeper dive are only a small window into the challenges, and the partner resources provided are a small selection of the important work being conducted to advance technical knowledge in ICT4D.

The interactive layout of this guide reflects this resource-first approach. I hope that you will not only read through this guide, but also return regularly to quickly reference and review information as needed. This is published under Creative Commons, so please do modify and iterate on anything that you find of value.We welcome feedback and are grateful to partners and donors for their guidance in developing this document.

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