Be Data Driven: FIND’s Actionable Diagnostic Data for Improved TB Care (ADDforTB) Initiative

Overview: The FIND Actionable Diagnostic Data for Improved TB Care (ADDforTB) initiative was implemented in Myanmar. The ADDforTB initiative aimed to determine if data quality improvement and user-centered dashboards with diagnostic data from GeneXpert machines, could be used to empower healthcare staff and improve patient care offered under the tuberculosis (TB) disease programme. FIND identified two key areas for improvement:

»  Providing the right data to the right people at the right time – information tailored and limited to specific audiences

»  Mentorship on end-to-end data use – how to access the data, what the data means, when to act, and what actions to take

The project sought to ensure that the connectivity solutions used were contextually appropriate and deployed in a user-centered manner. Existing diagnostic processes were mapped and reshaped to achieve optimal data usage, through engagement with stakeholders, on-site visits to understand current activities, and

the adoption of a mentoring approach to enable data use and action. Efforts facilitated timely programmatic decision-making and resulted in a number of positive outcomes, including quicker identification of failing GeneXpert modules, with a 60% reduction in repair time. As a result, delays in the time to TB diagnosis were reduced, enabling patients to be linked to care more quickly, and the realization of cost savings for the health system.