We are excited to offer Pulse on the Principles – a podcast and webinar series covering the intersection of technology and development! Pulse on the Principles features conversations with digital development experts discussing successes, challenges, and the potential for putting the Digital Principles into practice. 

Sharing successes, challenges, and lessons learned in digital development through this medium will allow for one-on-one conversation with experts and for the Digital Principles team to directly interact with global stakeholders. Pulse on the Principles seeks to provide the community with greater access to content and presents new opportunities for endorsers, partners, and Forum members to participate with us and one another beyond historic mediums.

Podcast S3 E2: Neither Seen Nor Heard: Tackling the Digital Gender Divide

Digital technologies have become a common reality, changing the way we use information, making inclusion more important than ever. Yet, women still fall behind in participating in the digital revolution and remain largely invisible in international development datasets. Host Laura Walker McDonald examines causes and consequences of the digital gender divide and gender data gaps with guests Dr. Revi Sterling (USAID), Naomi Naik (GirlUp), and Professor Mmaki Jantjies (University of the Western Cape) and solutions to tackling gender inequalities.

Podcast S3 E1: Build for Self-Reliance

Laura Walker McDonald hosts the third mini-season on ‘Leave No One Behind.’ She sits with Joelle Hangi, co-founder of Refugee Artist and Authors, and Olivier Nkunzurwanda, founder of Refugee Innovation Center, where they share their experiences as refugees as well as the work they are doing to improve refugee financial and digital literacy, the results of policies applied to refugees, and development of projects that aim at improving the their self-reliance and rights.

Podcast S2 E3: Remote Access: Delivering Education to Rural Communities

Delivering quality education to remote and isolated communities is a challenge for international development programs, and has only become more pronounced in the COVID-19 reality. For the final episode in the Education mini-season, host Allana Nelson chats with Amplio’s Toffic Dapilaah and InformEd International’s Lisa Zook about tools and initiatives that provide educational information to rural communities – and how they’re doing it in safe, socially distanced ways.

Podcast S2 E2: The Changing Role of Digital for Changing Bodies

While online health platforms and digital tools offer young people new ways to safely access information about their physical wellness and sexual health, its quantity is limited and its quality is often poorly regulated. Sahil Tandon, public health and human rights advocate, and Pavita Singh, Acting Executive Director of Girls Health Ed, sit with host Allana Nelson to discuss the importance of Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) and considerations in the digital health ecosystem.

Podcast S2 E1: Conversation, Observation and Co-creation

Host Allana Nelson kicks off the Education mini-season with Simon Mtabazi of the Human Development Innovation Fund and Nour Elkhoudary of Gaza Sky Geeks to explore innovation in digital education technologies and designing user-centered education programs. Our guests share how they work to overcome specific barriers to digital education and about initiatives empowering learners across Tanzania and Gaza.

Podcast S1 E3: Connecting Digital Access and Youth Empowerment

COVID-19 has underscored the importance of digital access and literacy but has also exposed inequalities holding back youth. Host Claudine Lim chats with United Nations award-winning activist, Richard Dzikunu, and digital equality advocate, Nanjira Sambuli, to discuss the mismatch between youth empowerment and the lack of digital access, and urge decision makers to take active steps to include all those left behind.

Podcast S1 E2: Maximize Benefits, Minimize Risks

In the second episode of the COVID-19 miniseason, hosts Claudine Lim and Laura Walker McDonald are joined by DIAL colleague and tech expert, Rachel Sibande, to explore transparency and accountability in responsible data use. Examples of how DIAL incorporates cross-sector collaboration and mitigates potential, unintended risks for traditionally marginalized and vulnerable groups are also discussed.

Podcast S1 E1: Digital Principles in the Time of Pandemic

Meet your podcast hosts – Claudine Lim, Allana Nelson, and Laura Walker McDonald from the Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) as they kick off the first miniseason with a globally important topic: COVID-19. As digital technologies are being deployed to curb the pandemic’s spread, how can the development sector ensure that these tools are being used responsibly and designed in a way that includes, rather than harms, individuals?

Podcast S1 E0: A Primer to the Principles for Digital Development

No idea what the Digital Principles are? No problem! This mini episode will get you caught up on everything you need to know before you dive in. Learn about each of the nine Principles, how they came to be, and how you and your organization can get involved!

Webinar Episode 4: Digital Principles Reports, Remote Learning, and RFP Release

Alongside TechChange and Clear Outcomes we hosted a discussion of the key findings from the Digital Principles Training Landscape and Needs Assessment Report, a presentation of all training/workshops currently available on the Digital Principles Academy and a look ahead to future of Digital Principles curricula through an overview and Q&A of our newly released RFP.

Webinar Episode 3: Remote Connections: Getting Digital Communications Right in the COVID-19 Response

The COVID-19 pandemic, and the resulting measures to enforce physical distancing, have made digital technologies ever more important when communicating with communities in humanitarian, development and public health contexts. In partnership with the CDAC Networkwe hosted a discussion with international development experts, leaders, and digital pioneers on the promise and constraints of digitally communicating with communities.

Webinar Episode 2: Reuse, Improve, and Collaborate: Applying Lessons from Ebola to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many aspects of our lives, from how we work, to how our children learn to how we interact on a daily basis. We hosted a discussion with international development and digital health experts to share their insights on how the development sector can use the Digital Principles to inform our responses and recoveries to COVID-19.

Webinar Episode 1:From Dialogue to Action: Looking Inward for More Inclusive International Development

Our team released an official statement standing in solidarity with the #BlackLivesMatter movement with a pledge to be more vocal and active advocates for diversity and equity in international development. In that spirit we hosted a crucial discussion with experts to share their experiences, insights, and recommendations for how the could Digital Principles to be more inclusive.

If you want to get involved as a speaker or nominate a colleague get in touch with us at PrinciplesAdmin@digitalimpactalliance.org and be sure to check out our event page for upcoming webinars.

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