Case Study: Amplio Talking Book: Reaching the World’s Hardest To Reach Communities

Case Study

Amplio’s technology enables partners to extend their reach, amplify their messages and the voices of the communities they serve, and enhance their impact. With the Amplio Talking Book, development practitioners can deliver hours of targeted audio content in a community’s local language. Users can play messages on demand and record their feedback. A built-in speaker lets families and groups listen and learn together.

Because Amplio’s technology collects usage data and user feedback, program staff can monitor Talking Books in the field, analyze message engagement to identify issues and trends, and continually update their content for greater

The Talking Book is a simple, cost-effective ICT for development tool that supports knowledge delivery in last-mile communities. The device design overcomes barriers to reaching people who lack access to information due to poverty, low literacy, lack of electricity or internet, local languages, and gender biases.