The Free, Self-Paced “Introduction to the Digital Principles” Course is Available Now!

As a global public good, the Principles for Digital Development team continuously seeks new ways to ensure resources and learning materials are accessible to our global network. It’s been an incredible journey as we have grown from an initial community comprised of 54 Global North organizations to now  over 230 organizations from nearly every region of the world.

Duly, building a common understanding of what the Digital Principles are and how they can be applied in projects and programming has become increasingly central to our work. Although several organizations have already participated in our live, facilitated Digital Principles 101 training and demand for more advanced, in-depth courses grows, we strive to account for all levels of familiarity as well as time and financial constraints.

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The Digital Principles team will guide you through 9 individual modules and describe each Principle in depth

That is why we developed the “Introduction to the Digital Principles”: a free, online course that is now available on our eLearning platform! Access to this course and other offerings is easy – simply enroll with a valid email. Unlike the facilitated 101 training, “Introduction to the Digital Principles” is completely self-paced and is designed to be a true preface to the Principles for Digital Development. With roughly 6-8 hours of learning content, the course consists of 9 individual modules, containing key definitions of each Principle, a broad overview of their core tenets, and real-world examples.

Bringing the Digital Principles to life, the course is set to a digital health case study where you will meet a character named Magda and follow her through the project lifecycle as she helps NGOs and government organizations implement a digital program by utilizing the Digital Principles.

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Meet Magda! You will follow her on her journey as she uses the Digital Principles to implement a digital program in the fictional country of Monesa. 

Users will work through short assessments after each module to test what they have learned and engage with interactive tools that will showcase how the Principles intersect with one another and can be applied in the project lifecycle.

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Interactive tools provide additional resources to putting the Principles into practice.

Once completing the course, users will be able to describe each Digital Principle, understand their implementation, articulate their advantages, and have the opportunity to engage deeper with the existing Digital Principles network.

This course is free and available to all learners seeking to harness the full potential digital technologies.  As always, we rely on the guidance and feedback of the community to build new and improve existing content, so be sure to share with your colleagues, networks and direct any feedback and suggestions for future content to [email protected]. Check back on our Twitter for more training and curriculum announcements, but in the meantime – happy learning!

Sign up with a valid email address on our platform to access “Introduction to the Digital Principles”. 

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Claudine Lim

Manager at The Principles for Digital Development

Claudine first joined the Digital Impact Alliance in October 2017, shortly after receiving a dual masters in international relations and public relations from the Maxwell School and S.I. Newhouse School at Syracuse University. After working as a Program Coordinator and Researcher for DIAL’s Business Operations, she is currently working with the Principles of Digital Development.